Immigration Canada Slashes Charges for Minors Applying for Citizenship on Their Own

In what could prove to be a fairly positive development for many Canada citizenship aspirants, especially those who are minors, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRAA) has, reportedly, made public that it is reducing the processing costs for the minors submitting an application for citizenship alone.

It means that the young minor aspirants, who do not have a Canadian parent or a permanent resident parent presenting a petition at the same time as them, thanks to the new development, will now have an advantage, in terms of shelling–out lesser citizenship fees.

The charges have, reportedly, been cut-down to $100 from $530, and it brings the same in line with the processing charges for minors with a Canadian parent or a parent who is presenting a petition for Canadian citizenship at the same time.

Canada Immigration Visa
Canada Immigration Visa

The latest declaration comes on the heels of a change to Canada’s Citizenship Act that came into force in the month of June 2017 that, reportedly, did away with the condition that one must be 18 years old to submit an application for a grant of citizenship, under the subsection 5(1), in the process, making it rather easier for the minors to submit an application for citizenship on their own behalf.

As per the IRCC, the decrease in the charges for citizenship will aid more minors–comprising immigrant kids in either the child welfare scheme or in the care of the state–get the nation’s citizenship.

Significantly, those who doled-out $530 fee for a minor, on or post June 19, 2017, will get back the difference of $430. The IRCC would, reportedly, get in touch with its aspirants who are eligible to the refund, to share the procedure for getting money back.

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