Ottawa to Unveil Fast-track Visa Programme for Skilled Manpower in June

Unveil Fast-track Visa Programme for Skilled Manpower

Are you a skilled worker and keen to work overseas? If yes, this new report may please you!

Against the backdrop of the exceedingly trained foreign manpower of the Silicon Valley feeling rather worried over the anti-immigration stand allegedly being exhibited by the incumbent US President, Donald Trump, Ottawa is reportedly to launch a Fast-track Visa Plan this June on 21st with a view to attract world-class talent to its territories.

Visa Programme
Visa Programme

As per the plan, the visas of the skilled employees would be swiftly cleared to enter the Maple Leaf Country, inside just two weeks of the presentation of their petitions. Previously, such labor force had to typically cool their heels for anywhere between six and 12 months to obtain a Work Visa.

Reportedly, the nation’s technology segment has hailed the plan, which has faced some difficulties for some time hiring the best from the tech field, which has conventionally preferred New York & California.

As per a concerned person, from the tech firms groups in Canada, this was the time when the world needs additional Canadian kind of countries which will not only fulfill the tech field’s requirement but also simultaneously assist in scaling up the different technology groups of the nation.

With the addition of the first-rate talent to the nation’s temporary foreign worker scheme, recruiters will be reportedly empowered to employ the application procedure, to hire qualified employees for the work opportunities where there exists an apparent deficiency in the labor force in the country. The programme will keep a watch on the recruiters’ pledges to produce jobs, offer the necessary training to the local manpower, transfer the needed information, and also make way for fresh investment to move into the nation.

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