Pay Attention Australia Immigration Motivated Electrician (Special Class) 341112 Professionals!

Electrician (Special Class) 341112

If you are a trained Electrician (Special Class) and looking forward to join the thriving Australian workforce, then here is good news for you! You are presently officially wanted in the country under the ANZSCO Code 341112 and your line of work is given on the Combined List of Qualified Skilled Occupations even as the Assessing Authority for your vocation is the Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). It means the present time is perfect for the object of Australia immigration for you. And, you need to present your Expression of Interest (EoI).

Electrician (Special Class) 341112
Electrician (Special Class) 341112

Electrician (Special Class) 341112–What They Do?

They carry-out a wide range of activities. Among others, such experts design, set-up, collect, test, maintain, spot, administer and improve electrical networks, circuits, components, systems, apparatuses, equipments for commercial, domestic and industrial purpose. Apart from all this, they also look after the upkeep and running of escalators, lifts and other associated equipments.

Electrician (Special Class) 341112 Salary

On an average such professionals can start with AUS 83,600 Dollars annually. The amount is subject to annual hike clearly depending on their performance and experience.

Electrician (Special Class) 341112 Key Responsibilities

  1. Inspect blueprints, wire diagrams and other specifications in order to decide the methods and orders of operations.
  2. Measure and layout installation reference points.
  3. Choose, cut and connect wire and cable to the connectors and terminals.
  4. Employ electrical and electronic test instruments to locate & spot electrical fault.
  5. Discover, repair and change faulty wires and malfunctioning electrical parts.
  6. Place and set-up electrical switchboards.
  7. Link electrical structures to the power supply.
  8. Test the endurance of circuit and install, test and regulate the different electric & mechanical parts of the lifts & escalators.

Required Skill Level

The principal requirement for the line-of-work is qualification and experience. AQF Certificate III with at least two years of on the job training, or else AQF Certificate IV (ANZSCO Skill Level 3). It is possible to substitute the prescribed qualification with not less than 3 years of experience in the germane domain. In some circumstances, on the job training/experience may be mandatory together with official education.

Visas classes available

You can apply for any of the visas under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Programme. In addition, there are several other visa options up-for-grabs, such as Employer Nomination Scheme (subcategory 186), Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subcategory 187), and Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subcategory 489).

Personal Requirements

  1. The professionals must have the ability to complete work.
  2. They must enjoy technical and mathematical tasks/activities.
  3. Must have sharp hand eye coordination, and an eye for details.
  4. They must be physically fit.
  5. They must have the capability to thing diagnostically, systematically with logical approach.
  6. They must have the ability to complete the task autonomously or lead a team.
  7. They must have first-rate communication expertise.

Working Conditions

Generally, their workspace is not limited even as they may have to work in a workshop, office, industrial plant, or on a construction site, or for that matter, any other place that necessitates electrical maintenance. Typically, their working hours are rather fixed. However, they may be asked to offer their services any time during emergencies.

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