90,000 Overseas Students Immigrated to New Zealand Supporting 32,000 jobs Last Year!

International student figure migrated to the kiwi nation touched the mark of 90,000 in 2010. New Zealand remained one of the popular study destinations for foreign students last year.

The immigration of such a big number of students has well supported the economy with 600 million dollars in student’s fees last year only. The education sector has supported more than 32,000 jobs in the kiwi land. The NZ government has welcomed these figures and intended to offer some easy student’s immigration measures to attract more and more foreign students from all parts of the world.

The recent turnover of the education commerce involving student migrants is above 2.3 billion dollars and the government is adamant to strengthen the current figures. According to Immigration Ministry, the kiwi government is keen to attract the best and brightest international talents to stay in New Zealand and add to the national skilled labor force to satisfy the present labor shortage in New Zealand. The kiwi government I backing the education sector due to the obvious profits and reputations of the sector among international students.

The NZ government wants that the best students should stay advantaging the New Zealand’s economy. Export education is a considerable earner for the national economy so that the government is desired to lure genuine students from all parts of the world. The kiwi land is a preferred study destination for global student migrants for a number of reasons such as high quality study, British English education system, higher study programs availability, affordable education cost and easy job opportunity after study in New Zealand.

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