Immigrants upto 1 Lakh needed in Canada to balance population

Canada needs to surge its migration intake annual figure by 100,000 to equal its population targets. A former Immigration Director of Canada has revealed that Canada must open its immigration intake to balance the required population target.

Economists and Immigration predictors are arguing for policy reforms to boost immigration figures of most provinces. Current, immigration annual intake of Canada is more than 200,000 and the figure is needed to touch around 350,000. Many provinces are facing labor problem affecting many big projects to survive labor crunch and the reason behind many provinces are asking to lift the immigration intake cap.

Major political parties and officials are aware of the situation and agree of the fact that immigration intake must be increased but enough steps are not being implemented in the immigration policies that can surge the immigration figure by 100,000.

Immigration influx is a way to increase the population and support labor market as native labors are declining day by day. Political parties and Citizenship and Immigration Canada are planning to increase the immigration level by 1 percent annually but it will take considerable time to touch the figure of 100,000 increased immigrants every year.

Recently, the province of Ontario has asked the Canadian government to lift the immigration quotas each province is allowed to migrate desired number of labors through its Ontario PNP. Ontario province needs to meet the increase labor demand by many big projects which are under construction and need great numbers of labors to meet the project deadline.

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