Pakistani Man Arrested in New York!

With growing terrorism in world, many countries are taking extra measure for the security of its citizens. Pakistan is that one country, which is worldly famous for producing the most deadly terrorist. Many terrorist receive their training in Pakistan and so many Pakistanis who live abroad are often looked at with suspicious eyes.

Recently a Pakistani man named Mohammad Shafiq Rahman of South Portland got arrested in Maine for breaking the immigration law. He was arrested during the investigation of Times Square bombing but supporting him; the government lawyer said that Rahman is not dangerous to the community and should be released from jail. Rahman was amongst the three Pakistani men in New England who got arrested on immigration charges and during that time only, the authorities were also investigating the car bombing case which took place on May 1.

Rahman got married to an American on March and was planning to settle in America permanently for which he was seeking permanent resident visa from the immigration authorities. Rahman has forwarded a written application requesting the court to release him on bail. Though the immigration officials are claiming that Rahman is not harmful for the community but he is a flight risk and hence do fall into the zone of suspects.

Rahman’ s name has been linked with Faisal Shahzad who got arrested on Monday on the charges of supporting terrorism and illegal weapons in Times Square case.  But Rahman’s lawyer Cynthia Arn does not accept this charge and says that her client is innocent and has no connection with this terrorist. There has been no legal investigation going on to find out if actually there is any connection between them and this link up is simply made in the air.

Rahman was a computer programmer who happened to meet Shahzad by chance because they both were a part of the same local community but it’s been now eight years that Rahman has ever spoke to him. He’s been living in United States since 1999 and he has no past criminal record. He is a family man and has been working as a professional employee at a consistent level.

Rahman is desperately seeking his bail but court is hesitant in granting him the bail because of his wife’s confused decision in supporting Rahman to get his legal status. Actually Rahman got married twice, in the year 2005 and later in 2006 and his current wife Sara initially came forward to help him get a legal status but took a step back later on. She says that her action of not supporting her husband was influenced by some claim on Rahman’s personal life made by federal authorities which were baseless. Sara is now in support of her husband and also attended the hearing of his immigration case in Boston.  Officials doubt that Rahman might have supported Shahzad and must have given some money to him but how that money has been utilized is still unknown.

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