Britain Government says no to Bullingdon Immigration Centre!

Britain’s plans to build an immigration removal center nearby Bicester have become a distant dream as many hurdles are already coming on its way. Government has denied starting the construction of the building during this time. The center if built will be able to give shelter to around 800 failed asylum seekers.

Tony Baldry, an MP of North Oxfordshire has asked for the government to clarify in delaying the project and also if it is intended to move forward with the project. Delay in the commencement of the project may prove quite discomforting to the local residents. But government replies that the construction of the building is beyond the reach of their budget making it unaffordable for the government to allow its construction.

However, it is quite hard to digest that with country‘s current financial situation, it is not able to afford the building of its new immigration removal center. If the country is not able to erect the center now, then how will it be able to do so in future? If built, this center will be the Britain’s largest immigration removal center. The Home office made announcements previously that the center could give rise to around 500 jobs which will be available by 2012.

In the year 2005, many local villagers joined their hands for the proposal of Labor Government to erect an open door centre for failed asylum seekers. But there are some opponents of this project of immigration removal center like Rebecca Mitchell (chairman of Coalition against Bullingdon Immigration Removal Centre) who are supportive to the decision of government of extending the construction of center. She feels that it is not quite sensible to move on with such an expensive project with the present financial situation and we must come up with other efficient alternatives.

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