Canadian Immigration Minister Reappoints to the IRB!

On June 23, 2010, Canadian minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism has made announcement regarding the department’s reappointments to the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board, which in short, is known as IRB. The honorable minister, Jason Kenney revealed the names of the officials who got to serve the board. The Immigration Refugee Board is an autonomous administrative body responsible for a number of activities related to Canada’s refugee system.

The board was incepted in the year 1989, which in aid of the Canadian immigration department, reports to the country’s parliament. With its three divisions- the Refugee Protection Division; the Immigration Division; and the Immigration Appeal Division, the board regulates the refugee protection petitions in Canada. Moreover, it is responsible for executing the immigration appeals, as well as it addresses to the hearings and reviews related to immigration detention.

The latest changes to the Immigration Refugee Board include:

  • For a maximum of 5-year tenure, Mélanie Raymond has been reappointed in the regional branch for the board in Montreal.
  • The regional branch Immigration Refugee Board in Toronto saw the reappointments of Miriam Freilich, Harriet Wolman and Yilma Makonnen, all of them for a 12-month tenure.
  • David McBean has been reappointed as in the Toronto branch for a 5-year tenure.

The board’s merit-based appointment procedure has been utilized in order to make the reappointment in its regional offices. The reappointments are a result of the vacancies in the board. The immigration minister has so far made as many as sixty-seven appointments and thirty-nine reappointments to the Immigration Refugee Board since October 2008.

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