Immigration Clinic at Local Church Promoting Awareness about Immigration!

The world is becoming truly global with people commuting to different countries for work and education purpose. In fact, many citizens from developing countries move to developed country for better lifestyle and job opportunities. Hence, every country is coming up with different schemes and programs to update their country people about immigration and its laws.

There is going to be an immigration clinic which will take place at the local church of North Jersey. The community immigration clinic will take place on June 26 from 12 p.m. onwards for three hours continuously at Unity Christian Reformed Church for local people of the region.  Many immigration specialists will be there to enlighten the people on various issues regarding immigration.

Amongst legal officials, mainly David Nachman and Victoria Donoghue will be there to take the charge of the whole event.  The program will commence with a seminar which would include issues such as immigration process. After this, there will be a presentation on issues of immigration reforms and justice. This would be followed by free personal consultations in English or Spanish with immigration lawyers present there. This would serve as a great opportunity to receive personal guidance from legal officials.

The entire program will touch upon various immigration issues such as immigrant and non-immigrant visa processing, lottery program and the consequences of new Arizona law on people. The program is going to be a complete package for the people to know about the immigration process. The program will also create awareness amongst the participants about how organizations, churches, and local communities and people can help to seek fair immigration laws. Lastly, they can ask personal queries and doubts from immigration attorneys present there.

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