Canadian PM would be Giving Apologize for Kanishka!

If reports are to be believed then Canadian premier Stephen Harper is about to provide his apologies for the mistakes inculcated on the part of Canadian police and the failure from the side of Intelligence services which gave rise to the killing of 329 passengers and crew in the year 1985.

The occurrence refers to the Kanishka aircraft incident which led to these brutal killings and the PM is now set to offer apologies of the behalf of the culprits behind this accident. He was also set to affirm that compensations would be given on behalf of the Canadian government to the clan of the people who died in the incident and suffered from it.

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenny announced this move that the minister would be offering his sincere apology to the kin of victims. He made this announcement after twenty fours years of the catastrophe which fell on the families on the 329 passengers and the crew members. He went on to add that the Canadian government would also look favorably as far as the compensation aspect is concerned.

Apologies would be made but what about the families? Memories of the victims are still afresh in their minds! The blowing up of Air India flight in midair is a scene that would not be forgotten for ages.

Harper would also include in his speech that this was an evil occurrence which was executed by some cowards and senseless minds. Extracts from his speech confirm his statement that terrorism is an enemy and is present with thousands of faces. He will say that they are extremely sorry for the incident and there are some wounds which even time fails to heal them! They penetrate so deep.

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