U.S. Health-Care System is Worse says Reports!

According to a new Commonwealth Fund survey, U.S. has managed to gain the last rank amongst the seven countries which were rated in the research. These were the land of Kangaroos, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the land of Kiwis and the United Kingdom. The best part about this survey is that the study lasted for three years and witnessed the participation of more than 27,000 people; some of them were from the medical faculty while some were the patients.

The US Health Care system is applauded as the costlier system, yet it is speculated to have a worse quality and efficiency when it comes to taking care of patients and provide a healthy and productive life to the citizens of the country. The report has confirmed the same.

The survey has been Commonwealth Fund, the president of which says that others countries spend less as compared to the US Health Care, but still manage to cover everyone, contrary to ours. This is where the country has long way to go. Karen Davis went on to say that the results are disappointing to see but are not surprising at all! That is why despite so many investments, the Health Care system of the US has scored the last place in between the seven countries.

In addition, there was a survey which was conducted in the year 2007. It said that the country spends a majority of its finances on the aspect of health care system. The amount is almost twice that of Canada and thrice that of the land of Kiwis. But still the results are disappointing as it fails to cover everyone who really requires these health care facilities.

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