Path to US Citizenship Wearisome but Rewarding Eventually

Becoming a US citizen is very exciting. After becoming a US citizen, you may be entitled to many rights reserved exclusively only for the citizens of the nation. However, the path to US citizenship could be somewhat tedious and complex. Many people from across the globe dream of acquiring US citizenship, perhaps thanks mainly to the many benefits that the country offers to those who become its residents. This could be a different matter altogether that few manage to get the same, i.e., citizenship.

US Citizenship Process

You are entitled to submit an application for citizenship if you are a permanent or conditional resident in the nation, i.e., a Green Card Holder. To make it more simple, you cannot submit a petition for Citizenship of US until and unless you have successfully lived and worked as a permanent resident in the nation–for a minimum period of five years–without breaching the laws of the land.

There are two ways of getting hold of the US citizenship—Number 1: Getting hold of the same by birth, and the Number 2: Through the process of naturalization. The latter is the process through which immigrants become citizens of the nation and successfully get hold of the US passport.

On the path to US citizenship, the first step is eligibility.

If you have successfully attained the US Green Card, it is vital that you meet the following eligibility criteria in order to successfully obtain citizenship:

I. You must be at least 18 years or above at the time of submitting an application.

II. You must be a Green Card holder for at least last five years from the date of submitting the application.

III. You must be physically present in the States for a minimum period of 30, months out of the five years immediately from the date of presenting the petition.

IV. You must be ready to swear that you truly believe in the principles of the US Constitution and will be 100% loyal to the country.

V. You must live continuously, within the US territory, from the date of submitting the application for naturalization and until the process of the same is not complete.

VI. You must have successfully resided and worked within the state of your residence, for a minimum period of three months, prior to the date of presenting your application.

VII. You must not have spent more than one year outside the US territory.

VIII. You must be fluent in English language, i.e., should be able to speak, read and write. You should also have a clear understanding of the US history and government (Civic).

IX. You must hold a good character; must not have a criminal background.

X. You must not have made primary home in another country, except your native nation.

Us Immigration Application Procedure

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the concerned immigration and visa authority which will investigate your background. If during the probe process, it finds-out that you have submitted fraud or fake documents or you have a criminal record, than it will reject your application permanently only to deport you back to your native nation.

In order to become a US citizen, you are required to fill a citizenship application on the USCIS Form N-400, and submit it along with your recent photographs, a copy of your valid Green Card, and the appropriate fee.

Post submission, you may have to cool your heels before you are called for finger print appointment and the personal round of interview. If you successfully clear the interview, you will be given an appointment for the much awaited and desired swearing-in ceremony which is the final step towards acquiring US Citizenship. Post swearing-in ceremony, you will get a certificate of naturalization to prove your citizenship.

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