Are You Aware Qualified Accountants Currently in Demand in Australia?

The ‘Land of Milk & Honey’, Australia, presently requires trained professionals in large numbers even as Accountants are one such experts. Hence, those who by profession are Accounts, and eager to make it big on the world map, even as they get to live in this highly developed global economy would do well to kick-start the immigration process to Oz.

The profession for Accountants is one of the few that have always been in demand in Australia. An accountant is basically a person of Accounting who makes arrangements and offers accounting systems & services related to taxation and the financial dealings of groups and individuals. He provides expert advice on associated records keeping and compliance requirements.

One the wealthiest nations in the world, Oz, requires a large number of Accountants to fill its many job openings. It is anticipated that with time the demand will swell further. It’s not just multinational companies that require the services of these professionals; many social sectors also need skilled Accountant to look after their financial matters.

Accountants Job Description

They provide professional services related to compliance based financial reporting, bankruptcy auditing, and accounting information system. They advise on record-keeping requirements. To practice as an Accountant, you may be either required to list yourself or get hold of a permit from the concerned Australian state or territorial body.

Accountants—Job Responsibilities

  • Assist in forming budget and account policies.
  • Examine operating costs and organizations’ earnings and expenditure.
  • Carry-out financial investigations, get ready report, carry-out audits and advise on different issues, such as the sale and procurement of businesses, capital financing, mergers, insolvency, alleged fraud and taxation.
  • Organize taxation returns both for individuals and groups.
  • Appraise cash flow & financial risk of capital investment missions.
  • Continue internal control system.
  • Make available assurance about the correctness of information given in financial reports and their observance with legal necessities.
  • Give financial and taxation recommendation on business structures, operation and plans.
  • Get ready financial statements for presentation to management, boards of directors, shareholders, and related governing and statutory organizations.
  • Act as a go-between different financial institutions and brokers to set up fund management arrangements.
  • Set up and maintain account systems, and advise on the selection and application of computer-based accounting structures.
  • Continue internal control systems.

Accountants Educational Skills Required

Not less than a Bachelor’s Degree although higher degree is beneficial. A minimum of five years of relevant experience may well substitute for the prescribed qualification. In some particular instances, both relevant skill and on-the-job training may be needed along with the ceremonial qualification.

Before you migrate as an Accountant you must have your skills duly assessed by the national assessment authority that is CPA Australia or Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA) or Institute of Public Accountants (IPA).

Accountants Work Environment

As the demand for Accountants is rather high in Australia, these professionals get to work in the most healthy and professionally competitive environment. They generally work in an office set up. While working in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ one gets good exposure to large international multi- national companies, which can often fast-track, their professional career. Accounts are well paid; in fact, according to an estimate, these professionals earn the best remuneration on the international map.

Accountants Job Prospects

With the passage of time, it is likely that the demand for these specialists will increase and in next ten years or so more, and more such professionals from overseas will be recruited in order to meet the demand. Accountants-along with several economic benefits-get to enjoy the social benefits as well. The future certainly looks very promising and bright for them. And so it’s high time the trained overseas aspirants made the most of the positive state-of-affairs.

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