People Charged High By Unlicensed Immigration Consultant!

Of late, there have been many instances in Canada where unauthentic immigration consultants cheated on or trying to mislead immigrants. They are not going by the rules and regulations set by the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. In the most recent case, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has identified a Windsor immigration consultant who has cheated on many immigrants and charged up to $100,000 in order to submit petitions to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The consultant Francesco Salvatore (Sam) Burgio is not legally permitted to provide services, still he continued to do so. He held a membership with Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, but his membership was cancelled in 2006. The police has already identified more than ten victims of the consultant. Reportedly, he charged in between $2,000 and $100,000 just to submit prospective immigrants’ applications.

Currently, Canada has a total of 1,600 certified immigration consultants. The presence of immoral consultants and their illegal activities are harmful for both prospective immigrants and the image of the country’s immigration system. Canada’s immigration minister has appreciated the efforts of the associated that have tried to investigate the unauthentic consultants. He also urged the government and other law enforcement agencies to work together and identify immoral consultants.

Unregulated immigration consultants with their mistake and huge charges are posing difficulty for the prospective immigrants. There have been cases in Canada, as well as in the United States where people’s applications were not being submitted or had errors, because of which the dreams and future plans of their clients were shattered. Thus, it is very important for anyone intending to immigrate to any country should go through a background check and legal status before hiring an immigration consultant!

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