Study Says New Zealand is not the Preferred Destination for Chinese!

According to an Auckland University doctoral student’s study, large percentage of Chinese people is migrating to New Zealand, however, they do not intend to stay permanently in the country. Reportedly, ever since the introduction of the Immigration Act 1987, China is New Zealand’s second largest migrant source, next to Britain. In fact, last year the number of Chinese migrants surpassed the number from Britain, with migrants aged 20 and more.

The study says that many of these immigrants will leave the country, some will return back to China and others will choose another country to stay further, despite obtaining the New Zealand citizenship. For the study a total of 47 immigrants from China were interviewed, and the study found that out of the total 27 individuals returned to their native country; 10 moved to Australia and remaining stayed in New Zealand.

Many Chinese immigrants prefer countries like Australia, America and Canada over New Zealand. But, they believe getting New Zealand citizenship makes it easier for them to enter another Western country like Australia. Besides, there is another fact that with educational qualifications from New Zealand institutions, students are more exposed to better employment opportunities.

Immigrants also leave New Zealand and enter more prosperous countries like Australia for the latter offers far better opportunities as compared to the former. Many do not intend to stay in the Kiwi land because they do not feel welcomed. Someone was also caught commenting New Zealand being intolerant towards foreigners!

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