People Flock in to Easter Island!

Thousands of people on Tourists Visas have dived into the mysterious Easter Island to watch an experience, one of its kinds. Almost 4,000 people are speculated to have joined the crowd, hoping to watch a rare total sun eclipse. The crowd includes people like scientists, students, media personalities, and tourists, to name a few.

Reports say that the flocking has almost doubled the population of the place, a place which is already facing the scarcity of water and other resources. This has surely enhanced the aspect of “tourism” of the place.

This unique alignment of the planetary bodies happened on Sunday at 2:11 pm (20:11 GMT) as the positions remained there for a healthy span of f minutes and 41 seconds.

Astronomers though have predicted normal circumstances; some weather forecasts have speculated the presence of cloudy ambiance, rubbing the hopes of viewing the scene in a clear manner.

According to Easter Island Governor Pedro Edmunds Paoa, the island is ready to embed the number of tourists flocking in for the cause. He said that logically, they were geared up for the moment.

Incidents like these make a remote place like Easter Island a popular destination in itself, hence brightening the facets of “temporary immigration” in a major way.

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