People Supporting Columbian Family!

A Colombian native who was ordered deportation from Canada is now getting full support from the local people that the government should cancel his deportation and he should be given the permission to stay.

The concerned person, Gloria Uribe, is ordered deportation and she is expected to go back to her home country with her two small kids. Reports say that she was residing in the country since the year 2007. She filed an application for refugee status. She gave birth to her first child daughter Michelle in the US while she was living in an undocumented manner in that country.

Sarah, her youngest child was born in Canada. The irony here is that the elder daughter and the mother are ordered deportation but the younger daughter being a Canadian, has been given the permission to stay in the country. But how can a mother stay away from her daughter???

She along with her lawyer continuously argued that her deportation to her home country would lead to her life being in trouble as it was there where paramilitary groups killed her relatives in 2004. Also, it was in the year 2009, when she got some threats from these groups. So, going back to the native country would only mean her death!

She also broke down recently, appealing that she cannot go back to the home country as the group is waiting to kill her and her kin. The local residents of Canada are supporting her and her family that she should NOT be deported.

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