Permanent Residency of Australia Highly Cherished

Permanent Residency of Australia

Australia is known to have a booming economy that makes it one of the hot destinations for the immigrants even while the Permanent Residency of Australia is much sought after. Owing to the pro-migrant policies of Australia and their high professional skills, a wide number of immigrants from India are highly inspired with the migration to the nation.

Permanent Residency of Australia
Permanent Residency of Australia

Popularly known as Australia, the well-renowned immigration destination has wonderful beaches, unique fauna, blue water, friendly people, and relaxed atmosphere. If you are willing to immigrate, Australia is considered to be perfect for you.

The country offers a higher standard of living, economic growth, social security, political stability and development of health services. The Land of Kangaroos is considered to be fifth highest for capita income that makes it the 12th largest economy across the globe.

Indians, by and large, are recognized to be well skilled and highly professional across the globe. Owing to the developed status of Australia, the country is considered to be the ideal as well as the first choice to apply for Australian visa by several professional Indian candidates who are willing to make the most of their professional skills.

Permanent Residence (PR) is the status which is conferred to a person in the country where he/she is allowed to live for an indefinite period of time. For obtaining the rights of the PR, it is not a must to have the citizenship of India.

The DIBP or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has designated a wide number of programmes under which a person can apply for a visa. You require selecting the right visa in accordance with your specific preferences and criteria.

You will be allowed for PR in the nation only if you have a good character. Next, to it, you will have the complete freedom for working, living and studying in any state of the country. You require authorizing for sponsoring your relatives.

Below are the details for applying for Australian Visa!

How to submit application for Permanent Residency of Australia from India

If you are willing to apply for PR, you should contact the Australia High Commission which is situated in New Delhi. The designated officer will make a thorough study of your profile after which you will be guided about the appropriate visa for the destination. The entire process may take more time than required. It may take a time span of 15 and 18 months before the arrival of the final verdict.

It is not a mandatory to consult a professional migration agent for obtaining a Permanent Resident Visa (PRV). You can live as well as work in the country for more than two years after the approval of the visa. It is essential to have good communication skills along with excellent academic educational qualifications to make the cut.

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