Want to Check Eligibility for Canada Express Entry?

Eligibility for Canada Express Entry

Express Entry has taken the entire world by storm. This highly efficient electronic system has made possible the swift and hassle-free movement of the trained workers to the nation. Surprisingly, though much has already been written on the subject, not many people still really know about it, and wish to check the Eligibility for Canada Express Entry, for obvious reasons.

Eligibility for Canada Express Entry
Eligibility for Canada Express Entry

As it is too well know, the Maple Leaf Country offers numerous lucrative opportunities to thousands of migrants from all parts of the world, wanting to live and work in the country. And, to facilitate their movement, they have released the Express Entry Programme. It aims to facilitate the migration of the deserving applicants who can contribute to the country’s economy and play a key role in its growth and expansion.

Although numerous pathways are available to immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country, the ‘Express Entry’ Programme is one of the easiest and shortest ways to land on the Canadian soil if you are a skilled worker or professional.

Here, we will talk about the eligibility for Canada Express Entry in this article to guide you through the immigration process and help you plan better!

Contrary to popular opinion that the ‘Express Entry’ is a new immigration programme, it is simply a new method to facilitate the migration of the trained manpower and professionals to the overseas hotspot, and help them realize their dream of living and settling down in the country permanently.

Under the ‘Express Entry’ programme, the applicants must meet the eligibility conditions for either one of the three immigration programs, namely – the Federal Skilled Trades Programme, the Federal Skilled Workers Programme, and the Canadian Experience Class.

Basically, programme follows a point based system and allows the applicants with higher points to immigrate to the country. To start with the process, you would be required to create an online profile or an ‘Express Entry’ profile and submit all the necessary information to complete your profile.

Once through, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) would allot you Express Entry points out of 1200. Based on your points and also the position amongst the vast pool of applicants, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a visa if you score well.

If you are wondering about the eligibility conditions, your profile will be judged on various factors such as – age, work experience, language proficiency, educational background, etc. As mentioned, candidates with higher points will be preferred to migrate to the country. Interestingly, if you already hold a job offer in the nation, or a nomination from the state, you will be rewarded additional points.

Thus, the programme is a smooth and hassle-free way to make a skilled migration to the popular destination and live your dream of a better and prosperous future.

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