Permanent Visa Australia – Major Immigration Classes & Eligibility Conditions

Permanent Visa Australia

If you are planning to settle in some foreign countries, on a permanent basis, Australia will be one of the best alternatives to consider. The country has developed various categories for Permanent Visa options that empower the foreign nationals to reside in the nation on a permanent basis.

Permanent Visa Australia
Permanent Visa Australia

Australia PR Visas Categories

The most common categories are the Non-Sponsored Visa (Subclass 189), State Nominated Visa (Subclass 190), and the Employer Nominated Visa (Subclass 186). Applicants, aspiring to apply for the different categories of these visas, need to follow the point-oriented system.

Key Eligibility Conditions

The process for getting the PR Visa to Down Under features a blending of the online and offline modes.

Following are the key points in this regard:

  1. In addition to the usual testimonials for traveling, applicants are required to produce the results for the IELTS and a report on skill assessment, assessed by a competent authority.
  2. You will be required to pick the appropriate category of visa to make the application.
  3. After you have selected the suitable category of Visa, you need to pick an occupation, as stated in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). In case the application is made in the Non-Sponsored Category, the selection is to be made from the chart of the Australian SOL. On the other hand, if applying for the State Nominated Visas, the selection of the profession is to be made from the concerned state’s SOL.
  4. After you have followed the points stated above, you will require applying though the Points System. You will require submitting an Expression of Interest (EoI) through the web based SkillSelect system of the country. And you will have to mention some specific details, like your age, educational qualification, language proficiency, and work experience. You will be granted points based on the information you provide, and you need to score a minimum of 60 points through the system. If you score higher, it will boost the chances for securing an invitation to present an application for a visa.
  5. In addition, you need to meet the requirements on some aspects, like character and health. You will be asked to produce the relevant credentials, once you undergo the character verification and the medical examination.

What are the benefits in availing these visas?

  1. You can live as well as work in the nation for an indefinite span of time.
  2. For an initial period of 5 years, the visa will give you the right to visit the hotspot as many times as you want.
  3. This is the first step to apply for citizenship.
  4. You get to enjoy rights and privileges, similar to the ones enjoyed by the citizens.

Upon the approval from the Government of New Zealand, this Visa will allow you to visit, study as well as work in New Zealand.

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