Ottawa Has Diverse PR Possibilities for Foreign Students

Do you know that the foreign students, who are enrolled for different study courses in Canada for not less than two years, have diverse choices for the prized Permanent Residency (PR)? Yes, it is true!

Allegedly, the Canadian recruiters find the overseas students with an earlier Canada experience to be comparatively more interesting. The Maple Leaf Country is also eager to keep the foreign students who have done graduation from its educational establishments owing to the excellent standard of schools in the nation.

Canada Permanent Residency
Permanent Residency

As per the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), diverse PR options for the overseas students in the nation upon the successful conclusion of their graduation are available.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The foreign students who have pursued studies at a recognized post-secondary organization, on a full-time basis, for a course of minimum two years, are qualified for this scheme. It is mandatory that the overseas students also have obtained the educational credentials, via completing the scheme on campus in the nation. In addition, it is also compulsory that the foreign students have been employed for not less than 1 year in the skilled job of permanent nature.

Quebec Experience Class (QEC)

Foreign students who have successfully completed their studies in the province and have done a graduate, postgraduate, or doctoral, vocational or CEGEP, and also have an expertise in the French language at the intermediate stage, are entitled for this scheme. For such students there is not even an need of an employment experience.

Provincial Nomination Programmes (PNPs)

Foreign students, who have done a post-secondary scheme in the Maple Leaf Country, have numerous options in provinces that comprise Prince Edward Island (PEI), Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, British Columbia (BC), Alberta, Manitoba, and Newfoundland. While some plans necessitate that the foreign students also have a job offer or employment experience in the province where the degree was completed, there are no such requirements in some of them. The main benefit of the provincial nomination plans is that the candidates obtain the PR in the nation faster, vis-à-vis other schemes.

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