Popularity Of Down Under As Education Hub Continues To Increase

Since long Australia has mesmerized the global community of migrants, especially of the skilled workers and the students. And, its various educational establishments have continued to draw a large number of students from far and wide.

In fact, the number of petitions submitted by the foreign students for an Australia Student Visa has only been further rising, if we go by this new report from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Australia.Australian Student Visas

Australian Student Visa

It says that the foreign education business of the nation has remained untouched as successful petitions submitted by the global students entering the nation have been heading north rather steadily.

The number of the Student and the Temporary Graduate Visas has jumped as numerous students from some specific nations–like China, Colombia, Nepal, and Brazil, for instance–has been expressing growing interest in pursuing education in the Kangaroo Land.

The figure of the students from abroad–eager to gain admission to Australia from the starting of 2017 to this summer—has increased to an altogether new high of 356,000.

It was earlier stated that a change in the visa processing government in July would significantly upset the inflow of the students as several candidates had to undergo stricter examination. Apart from this, anxieties concerning migration and radicalism across the globe had also swelled the anxieties of the education business of Australia.

According to a well-known foreign education professional, that praise could be somewhat given to the administration as Student Visa sanctions were the first choice, on the basis of the dates of the course beginnings. Previously, the petitions submitted were processed on the basis of the specific dates on which they were obtained.

He added that as just some foreign educational organizations shut shops, even as it made the reputation of the country better before the parents of the hopeful students from overseas and education mediators.

However, he also accepted that Canberra also gained because of the incumbent US President’s anti-immigration stand and the outcome Brexit has had on the education segment of the UK, in the process, making students move, in huge numbers, to the Kangaroo Land.

While Brazil has presently become the third major source market for the overseas students, Nepal emerged as the fourth biggest. The figure of the students from Malaysia and Columbia entering Australia has also headed north.

Still, the petition figures submitted by the students from India, South Korea and Thailand has headed south by 9%, 10% and 14%, in that order. Allegedly, the fall in the demand from India has been thanks to the impact of the recent demonetization. Conversely, the students from Thailand & South Korea have favored China lately.

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