Permanent Resident Application–Points To Keep In Mind

Permanent Resident Application

For migration to a developed destination the journey starts with filling permanent resident application application for visa. It is basically a gate pass that allows entry to the nation to which the migrant wants to move in. There are many countries that draw migrants from across the globe, but one of the most sought after nations that is looked upon with very high hopes and expectations is perhaps Australia.

To successfully land on the threshold of the mammoth Island Nation there are many categories of visas available to the hopeful migrants. Australian Visa is fully supported by the point based system. This system determines the eligibility of the applicant on the basis of details furnished by him on his education, age, and work experience and language ability skill.

Permanent Resident (PR) application is to be filled by the aspirant with utmost care as incomplete or wrong information may lead to the refusal of a visa.

Before filling the application keep these points in mind!permanent resident application

  • Through reading–Read the complete application form carefully. Don’t forget to go through the various rules and regulations regarding the submission of the application form. A candidate cannot deny about any action that is taken against the applicant due to lack of information as all the details and help to fill the form is clearly stated in the form.
  • Don’t leave any space unattended–It is understood that the applicant has gone through all the details mentioned in the form. It is expected that he fills all the information that is asked in it. In case a person doesn’t know the answer, then also the space should not be left blank. Write “Not applicable” or N/A in the space that you don’t know. It clearly indicates that you have gone through the entire application form even while your form is not considered incomplete to attract rejection.
  • Fill your permanent resident application completely–An applicant is expected to complete the application form by providing all the details that are asked in the form. None of the question should be left, lest it leads to the rejection of the form. Moreover, in some cases, you may not get a second chance for applying for a visa. So be careful and fill your form with utmost care!
  • Use extra paper–In case you lack space in the application form (while applying manually), use plain paper to present your complete information. Take a plain paper and write the complete information on it and submit it along with your application form. Moreover, you can use plain paper for writing any other information that you think is necessary. Application should be complete and well supported with all the list of documents that are necessary for the PR. The list of documents is mentioned in the permanent resident application.
  • Special documents–Apart from the birth certificate, educational certificates, work references, the migrating country may ask for more documents, like health and character certificate, from the authorized center.

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