PR Points System in Australia–Take A Look!

PR Points System in Australia

Australia ranks at the Number 1 position when it comes to selection of an immigration overseas hotspot. Many people love to be on this mammoth Island because of numerous reasons. Better standard of living, promising future, top universities…these are some of the many valid reasons that motivate migrants from across the globe. To cross the borders, one needs to follow and sail through the nation’s points based system. Every wishful migrant must get the needed points under this system (PR Points System in Australia) to ensure migration to the country.

Permanent Residence points in Australia that determine the eligibility of the aspirants depend on their age, educational qualification, language proficiency and work experience. To ease out the visa process, certain points are assigned on the basis of the above mentioned headings. A person needs to obtain a minimum of 60 points in this eligibility test.

The points are governed by-

  1. Language proficiency–PR points system in Australia very much depends on the language ability of the candidates. How well a person is capable of adjusting in the island? Language being a major carrier of flawless adaptability in the Kangaroo Land helps him obtain some crucial points even while these points are assigned on his ILETS score. With 7 scores in ILETS, he gets 10 points, and 8 scores helps in getting 20 points.
  2. Educational qualifications–More points are assigned to the person with higher education as compared to the applicant with basic studies. Undoubtedly, the applicant with a Doctorate Degree gets more points under the system. He can receive a maximum of 20 points for his Doctorate Degree, whereas 15 points will be offered if the aspirant has a Bachelors Degree. And diploma holders and education below this benchmark will get 10 points only.
  3. Age–PR points arrangement in Australia are also governed by the age of the aspirants. The young candidates will get more points, whereas senior aspirants will get lesser points. An applicant at the age of 25-32 will get 30 points under this heading, and the person below and above this benchmark will obtain just 25 points. No points will be given to the candidate above 44 years of age.
  4. Work experience–A person’s work experience is another influential factor that rules the PR points system in Australia. A candidate with more work experience will grab more points and the person with lesser experience lesser points. These points are further affected by the type of work and the employer the person works for. If he is working for an Australian employer for a minimum period of one year, then he will get 5 points for it. These points keep on increasing with increase in the number of years. Highest of 20 points will be given to the person with 8 years of experience.

In short, a candidate needs to score a minimum of 60 points based upon above mentioned headers for migration to Kangaroo Land. Depending on his score, he can easily enter the country with a valid visa and enjoy the benefits that are solely enjoyed by the residents.

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