Planning to Migrate? What Will Happen To Your Pet?

If you are intending to migrate to another country, and you have a pet, this blog is for you! You have two options – either opt for leaving the pet behind or bring it to the new country! Yes, you heard it right!

A lot of people believe that taking your pet to a new country is not possible, but you are just a few steps away from the same by filling Immigration paperwork and fulfilling the requirements arrayed with the same. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Contact the embassy of the country to which you are planning to move (permanent or temporary). It is essential to complete the documentation process required for the “Pet Immigration Process.”
  • Consider the climatic conditions of the new country and get all the vaccinations for your pet. Ensure that the veterinarian remains with your throughout the necessary stages and certifies the documentations required for the Immigration.
  • Get your pet microchipped. Keep a record of the chip number and keep a copy of the same with the essential documents.
  • Some countries require your pet to have a passport. It is mandatory for some counties, not all. So it would be better to confirm the same from the related embassy.

For other related matters, guidance from an immigration expert would serve you better in this condition.

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