Potential Reasons Why Your Australian Citizenship Get Knocked Back

Every year thousands of Permanent Residents apply for the Australian citizenship with a hope to settle here for the lifetime. While many people qualify for the Australia PR visa process, getting a citizenship is an entirely different thing. In 2017, approx. 4000 citizenship applications got refused for numerous reasons such as lack of vigilance, submission of inappropriate documents, not having intentions to settle in the country, and so on.

In this blog, we have shed light on some of the common grounds for the Australian citizenship refusal. So, let’s discuss them all:

 Failed to Show Associations:

There are various instances where an applicant leaves the country for some reason or the other and do not return to the country for a long duration. In such circumstances, Department of Immigration and Border Protection considers that the applicant has no intention to permanently settle in Australia or maintain close associations with the country in future.

Inapposite Character Grounds:

Under the citizenship application, character consideration is crucial when applying for the process. The government of Australia’s current approach to citizenship is broadly based on the character of the applicant and determine if they really want to sustain him/her in the country or not. Any applicant who has been involved in criminal offenses or has violated the law in any form, then chances are their application might face rejection. There are also incidents where people had to face the refusal because of their poor driving history, where they failed to obey traffic rules, got suspended due to repeated traffic offenses, and on the top did not disclose the conviction in the citizenship application.

Incomplete Information:

The majority of people face citizenship refusal because of the inadequate or incomplete information provided by them to prove their claims. In some cases, candidates also fill out the application incorrectly or may overlook some details, for which they pay heavy price later. Therefore, it is important to clearly review every document pertaining to the applicant and then demonstrate accordingly.


Being unable to prove one’s identity is also one of the biggest reasons for citizenship refusal in Australia. Any applicant who is above 18 years must have someone to act as a reference to confirm their identity. For reference, the person should be a citizen of Australia and knows your for more than a year.

Lack of Language Proficiency: –

This sounds simple, right? But you have to showcase competent English level skills to avoid citizenship denial in Australia. Though, you do not have to be a Shakespeare, but is it crucial to have command on basics of the language. Thankfully, there are multiple study aids are available for candidates to pass the test and demonstrate their skills.

Being denied for an Australian citizenship is quite disappointing, especially after years of hard work and dedication during the Australia immigration process. However, one of the best ways to avoid such problem is to gather knowledge about immigration laws or speak to a professional consultant for support. The likelihood of successfully getting the Australian citizenship much-improved if you are assisted by an expert.

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