Ready to Move to Australia? Newcomers Checklist on What to Pack for Down Under

Congratulations on getting your PR!! Australia is waiting for you, and obviously you must be excited to enter into the new phase of life. Moving overseas can be thrilling yet daunting experience, especially when you are going for the first time and are absolutely clueless about what to pack and what not. With that said, there are lots of things that newcomers should consider packing before boarding the flight to Australia.  You will find many a checklist around the Internet on what you should bring, but I have tried to write about a few things that Indians, who have got their Australia PR visa, should be aware of in particular before relocating to Australia.

Australia Visa

So, let’s talk about them in detail:

Important Documents:

Let’s start with some practical stuff, since you have got your PR Visa, do not forget to put your visa related documents as you need to show the same to the immigration authorities in Australia. Apart from this, other essential documents such as a valid passport, confirmation of Permanent Residence, a detailed list of all the items you bring or arriving later, photo ID and copies of your lodging arrangements. Keep all the documents handy and with you all the time.

Electronics and other Necessities:

Once you land in Australia, it is important to have some other essential items with you for a smooth transition. They are described below:

  • Passport & photocopies – keep one photocopy with you and one tucked away in your bag
  • Credit card & debit card – or two – with the spare kept separately
  • Guidebook or app
  • Phone – preferably with SIM that can be used in Australia
  • Universal Charger & Power banks for all devices, and Adaptor(s)

 Type of Clothes

It is extremely crucial to pack according to the weather depending upon the region you choose to migrate in Australia. In Australia, winter begins from June that continues till August. So, if you are relocating during this time, you should pack sweaters and jackets, and other winter-clothing essentials. However, in case of summer, which starts from December till February, lightweight and breezy clothes are the best option.


Since you are new to the country, having a sufficient source of funds is critical to make yourself feel secure and comfortable during the initial days. As a PR holder, you’ll be searching for an accommodation, food, and other basic utilities, for which you need enough funds. It’s a good idea to simplify your funds and accounts before you leave for Australia. You can also open a new bank account in Australia from India and deposit funds and also do day-to-day transactions once you arrive the country.

Moving to a new country is no less than an adventure. There is so much to do, think about, and organize in advance for a hassle-free immigration experience. You can take clue from the above-mentioned tips to make sure you get a great start with your new life in Australia.

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