PR Programme Options for Canadian Citizenship Galore – Choose One That Suits You The Most!

Canada is a top overseas hotspot. It is highly developed and provides a fairly high standard of living to its people and those who decide to make it their home. It’s an amazing kaleidoscope of the different cultures and languages of the world even while this makes living in this part of the world an experience of a lifetime.No wonder, the Canadian citizenship is eagerly sought and applied for.

With the Canadian citizenship a person gets the prized Canadian passport one of the most powerful travel documents in the world that offers visa-free or visa on arrival movement to numerous countries and regions of the world. And so numerous people as mentioned a short while ago make all efforts try to obtain the nation’s citizenship.

To aid them in their pursuit, Ottawa and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offer different easy-to-follow visa schemes. A key target behind offering different types of immigration plans is boosting immigration in the preferred domains.

Hence, in case you are keen to figure out how to acquire the prized Canadian citizenship or Permanent Residency, check this piece!

Typical Paths for Canada Immigration: Permanent Residency

For the overseas people, the road to the nation’s citizenship passes via the different Permanent Residency schemes. Under these specific plans, the Permanent Resident standing of the visa holders enables him to apply for the country’s citizenship afterwards. One has to though fulfill some additional requirements for the same.

The different plans for the Canadian Permanent Residency consider the candidate’s education level, skill, employment experience, employment offers and some other important factors before he gets approval under a Permanent Residency Scheme.

Canadian Citizenship

Over 50 Permanent Residency Programmes are available. These plans can be divided into five different kinds:

  1. Skilled Worker Programmes: It’s a very good visa plan and meant for the overseas trained workers who can make a handsome contributions to the nation’s thriving economy. The successful candidates of the programme get a Permanent Resident Visa (PRV), and a chance to immigrate to Canada with their family.
  2. Family Class Sponsorship: It is for those who have any close relatives living in the nation. Through this plan, the applicant’s relative residing in the country can sponsor the immigration application submitted for permanent immigration to the destination.
  3. Business and Investment Programmes: These are basically for those having lots of money to invest in the Canadian economy. The net worth of the applicant and his business experience matter while reviewing the application submitted for the Permanent Residency Visa.
  4. Experience Class Programmes: It’s a very good visa path to the nation’s citizenship. Under this, students, academics and trained specialists, who have done a job in the nation before, are inspired to acquire the nation’s Permanent Residency.
  5. Provincial Nomine Programme (PNPs): Provincial nomination is a vital fast-track option for the prized Canadian Permanent Residency. The PNPs enable the different Canadian provinces and territories to offer nomination to those who want to shift to the destination and settle there in in a specific province.

Every Canadian province (barring Quebec that runs its own distinct selection system) and the two Canadian territories run their own unique PNPS. The involved provinces and territories have an accord with the IRCC that permits them to choose the immigrants who fulfill the basis requirements fixed by them.

Issues with Traditional PR Programme Processes

The old-style path to Permanent Residency and citizenship is rather lengthy and boring. Paperwork needed must be done properly. Even a tiny error can prove costly. Besides, the procedure may take many years to materialize. These are just a few of the difficulties associated with the traditional schemes for residency and afterwards citizenship.

Family Path to Citizenship

Not many people really know but on the basis of their birth country or their parents’, they may make the grade for Canadian Citizenship. Even in case one of your parents happens to be Canadian citizens, you may make the cut for it.

However, not many petitions are given a sanction on the basis of family heritage. Petitions presented are subjected to the strictest of scrutiny. Given this, seek and obtain professional help from the expert visa agents and avoid costly mistakes!

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