Singapore Immigration Numerous Pluses But Some Minuses Too

Singapore Immigration is one of the preferred overseas destinations. It offers, perhaps, the best working opportunities and very high standards of living to its people, and those who decide to make it their home. It’s an authoritarian nation since it has rather strict laws, and one has to follow these to stay there in. Some people may feel that the laws are necessary from the safety viewpoint, but for some others, the same set of rules and laws could be too taxing and restrictive.

Each and every global hotspot of the world comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. For some people, a specific nation’s culture could be very appealing, but for some others, it could be repressing. For some people, the rules and regulations of the nation could be very suitable and an attraction, but the same rules and regulations for others could be stifling and a step backward.

In short, while there could be lots of advantages of moving to a place, there may be an equal number of disadvantages and these could vary from one person to another. SSingapore immigration ame holds true in the case of Singapore. While for some people, moving to the place may mean being greeted with loads of advantages, for others the movement may mean being greeted with some difficulties and issues.

Let’s check what pluses and minuses could be in store for the migrants or the visitors to Singapore, and come to a conclusion! Let’s check some other pros and cons of Singapore migration!


As mentioned earlier, the City-state offers a very standard of living but the negative thing is that it comes with an equally high cost. Singapore is a tiny nation and does not have lots of land or open spaces to build or develop houses. And the little options that are there for the migrants are usually quite expensive.

The place has quality but very expensive condos and apartments. Overall, the rent is very high and it usually depends on the distance of the accommodation rented from a ‘happening’ neighborhood. Still, some good options in terms of government or privately owned apartments are available.


The Island Country has one of the most well organized transportation systems in the entire world. Excellent public transport system means you can easily move from one place to another at affordable costs. Icing on the cake: Thanks to existence of the vast networks of roads, you can easily explore the nation.

But the cost of owning a vehicle and maintaining it is very high here. In case you have a car in Singapore then you will be regarded an affluent person because all the expenses that come with a car such as its maintenance, insurance, taxes, toll prices are extremely costly in the region.

Singapore Immigration


Thanks to its strategic geographical location, it is quite easy and cheap to explore the different nearby destinations. You can opt for the weekend getaways and/or long holidays. From here, you can explore the many Southeast Asian nations, with ease and without making a hole in your pocket.


Singapore by and large is a safe nation, thanks to the strict laws in place. Foe those, keen to live in a safe and secure nation with family, the city-state could be an excellent option. Still, sometimes it may not be easy to feel safe if you are a pedestrian and often walk on the sidewalks. The reason: frequently the bike riders in the region drive on the sidewalks, in the process, hurting the pedestrians sometimes. Aggravating the issue is the fact that sometimes even those on cycles use the same sidewalks here due to the lack of separate and dedicated lanes for them, and this sometimes results in collisions and nasty falls.

Social Life

Singapore is a ‘happening’ place with lots of places to hang out with friends and colleagues. But partying here comes with a huge cost. Most of the alcoholic drinks served here are pretty expensive, courtesy of the Sin Tax that is heavily charged on them by the Singapore administration.


Singapore has no dearth of skilled doctors and first-rate hospitals. You may get quality healthcare right is at your doorsteps, and that too at quite reasonable costs. Here, both public and private healthcare are obtainable and you have numerous good options to choose from. You do not need insurance to get treatment here, unlike the US. If we talk about the disadvantages, well, private healthcare here is pretty costly.


The City-state offers high-quality education and you will find a variety of good schools and educational centres here. The region has no dearth of both quality public and private schools. But seeking education could be a pretty expensive affair in the City-state. Though as mentioned before one has the option of public schools, and to avoid paying a lot on education, he can settle for the different government run schools which offer education at reasonable prices.

Summing-up, Singapore immigration may be quite an expensive affair but the availability of the first-rate healthcare and educational facilities, not to mention transportation, means your stay in the republic would, overall, be a good experience for you.

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