How to Handle Difficulties That Global Students Face in US?

The US is renowned the world over for its first-rate educational facilities, its research centres, and the quality of the education that it offers. It also provides numerous opportunities for research and academic programmes. Of late, its popularity has increased further as a place for enrolling for higher studies. So, it is hardly a matter of surprise that it draws students in large numbers from across the globe.

Are you, too, motivated with the idea of studying in the US? Do you want to figure out what are the various challenges facing international students in the nation?

Whether it is locating and obtaining international student aid, dealing with cultural differences, or finding a solution to an academic issue, global students in the hotspot come across several challenges. However, since for every problem there is a good solution, in case you have ability and willpower, you won’t find any roadblocks you cannot manage.

Now let’s check some top problems and their solutions!

Cultural Problems/Cultural Shock

One normally takes some time to get adapted in a new and unfamiliar environment. Different nations have different cultures. Students suffer cultural shock, especially in the beginning. Initially, students suffer from homesickness, and then may make efforts to get used to people, their culture, their food, their language everything, and all these take times.

Of course, in the beginning, it may be really exasperating or problematic, but when you get submerge in the culture, you will feel rather easy and awesome.


  • Keep reminding yourself why you took the trouble to leave your home and what are your goals? It will assist you in remaining focused.
  • Make an effort to figure the important teacher-student relationships. It is quite informal in the US, but in case we compare it to what we see in the Asian education system, it is not.
  • Be quite open and sociable, speak to new people and begin figuring the nation’s unique culture as soon as you land there in. Engage others and be friendly with them.
  • Understand the local transport system and make an effort to use it, so that you come across new people and get a chance to explore the culture more.

Financial Problems

It is not easy to study in the US. One has to spend a lot of money for the purpose and even that may not be sufficient. Whether it is public education or private education these are pretty expensive.

Apart from the exorbitant tuition charges, you will also have to pay for the unexpected and exorbitant health insurance. You will not obtain it automatically.

Try to find out a way via which you may get in back before you return back to your home nation!


  • Get good insurance, via your university. But in case your university does not offer this useful facility, use new international student healthcare schemes.
  • You may also use a merit-based scholarship. In the US, you will find a scholarship plan for every major subject of study and also a minority group or need-based scholarship for a candidate with financial issues. Seek school’s financial aid for the scholarship schemes and submit an application for it.
  • Grab any type of part-time work opportunity that comes your way. A few US colleges offer on-campus jobs to students in the school bookstore, cafeteria, gymnasium, or library. Also explore the jobs available beyond the campus. It will assist you recover your primary expenditures.

Global Students-USA

Social Problems

Not only the students-teachers relationship is rather different in the US, but also the way the local people engage others is different in the various social circumstances.


  • Move out of your comfort zone and mingle with others making an effort to figure those around you.
  • Locate the students undergoing similar social change. Participate in the different schemes and outings.
  • Get involved with the different academic groups and other student groups on campus. This will aid you get used to with the culture and its people quickly.
  • Since the local people may assist you with social dealings and in making new helpful contacts, make friends with them! Be a part of the projects they could be involved with, to know them in a much better manner.
  • Be active on the social media and make an effort to find out the local event developments around your area. It may aid you in comprehending the local culture.

Academic Problems

Your home nation’s education system and the US’s education system could be wholly different. And so in the US you may come across some issues related to your study programmes.


  • Never forget that you are in the overseas hotspot because you want to study, right? To keep all edgy stuffs away, give priority to on your school/university work since other things could be easily managed simultaneously.
  • Speak to your professor! In case you are busy with some type of part-time job, and it may not be possible for you to stay after school, speak to your professor about the different projects and anything you could be up to.
  • Stay in touch with your student mentor.
  • In the US study groups are pretty common, and so in case you come across any problems in fathoming a subject, join any of the groups to learn in a better manner!

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