Canadian Ontario Will Flourish Further If It Invests More in Migrant Manpower

Migrants especially the skilled ones play a key role in making the economy of a country and/or region better and improving the lives of those residing there in. Whether it is Canadian Ontario or Australia or the UK, without their active support and contributions these hotspots won’t be what they are today, and that’s a fact they and the world realize well and appreciate it too.

Canadian province of Ontario now has a new premier and government. A large credit for the establishment of this Progressive Conservative Party Government goes to the strong migrant community of the region.

Reportedly, the new Premier Ford has specified that he will not waste any time, and fulfill the major commitments that his party made through the election campaign, such as removing carbon tax and cutting down hydro rates.

Now the important question is: what the migrant community in the province should look forward to from his government?

Ontario and more precisely, the Greater Toronto Area takes a lot of pride in its amazing diversity. The available information shows that the province admits the largest portion of immigrants landing in the nation. Close-to 30% of the province’s people has roots outside of the nation and they were not born in the nation.

What’s more: nearly 50% of the people, staying in the Greater Toronto Area, shifted to the area even as the figures are expected to balloon.

As per Ahmed Hussen the incumbent Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) from 2018 to 2020, close-to 1 million immigrants will settle in the nation. As a nation battling with not-too-high birth rates and a rapidly aging people, the national economy depends on the migrant professionals’ knowledge and capability to assist generate and fill openings, and give taxes. And their contributions, allegedly, make the province a wealthier province.

Canadian Ontario

Reportedly, an important part of Ford’s election drive centered on making the province financially responsible and available for business.

As per the party, it is 100% dedicated to generating wealth, and their preference remains making the province richer, apart from cutting down the province’s net debt of more than $300 billion.

Allegedly, migrants will be pivotal in achieving it. It is no secret that immigrants usher-in modernization, different viewpoints and a commercial spirit to contribute to the province’s economy. Given this, it is important that Ontario makes rather good investment in them and productively harness their skills.

As per research report, the earnings of the immigrant professionals would head north by $15.2 billion that roughly equals 2% of the province’s GDP, provided they take home salaries that really mirror their abilities & experience.

The immigration section of the Progressive Conservative drive platform reportedly focused on filling skills gaps, via making access to apprenticeships better, and restructuring the credential recognition procedure to link the newcomers to suitable works straightaway.

When a large number of newcomers fail to find a job that suitably matches their specific education, skills and know-how, it proves dear for all concerned parties, including the province.

Allegedly, it’s required that Ontario’s diverse societies are duly equipped with the good skills and training opportunities so that they can do well in their place of work and make handsome economic contributions to the region and its people.

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