Experts under 1123 Professional Occupations in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Wanted in Canada

Canada is a ‘Land of Opportunities’ offering something or the other to almost every one. From time to time, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the concerned immigration body, brings out its in-demand occupation list to inform the world especially the skilled aspirants of the nation’s requirements in certain fields. It does so to enable the trained aspirants to present their submissions for Canada immigration.

Lately, it has published its in-demand list again even as under the NOC 1123 the Professional Occupations in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations have been duly mentioned. With, the national growth and booming economy, the demand for these professionals has increased extensively, to enhance the interpersonal professional relations. It is likely that this demand will only increase further in the coming years. Against this backdrop, those who professional expertise matches the one given under the said code are advised to submit their petitions for immigration to Canada. The time is ripe and favorable for the object.

Professional Occupations in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations – Job description
These are the professionals, who are experts in advertising, marketing and public relations. These experts analyze, implement and develop various communication and promotion strategies and information programs. They also study the advertising needs and develop appropriate advertising and marketing plans. They also publicize activities and events and maintain media relations on behalf of businesses, governments and other organizations, and for performers, athletes, writers and other talented individuals.

They are basically employed in various sectors, like consulting firms, advertising agencies, corporations, associations, government, social agencies, museums, galleries, public interest groups, and cultural and other organizations. They might also be self-employed.

Job Requirements

These specialists require a graduate or post graduate degree or a diploma in business marketing, public relations, communications, journalism, musicology or any other related discipline. Practitioners in public relations may require an Accredited in Public Relations designation.

Occupational Titles

  • Advertising consultant
  • Communications officer
  • Communications specialist
  • Event marketing specialist
  • Fundraising consultant
  • Information officer
  • Literary agent
  • Media co-coordinator
  • Media relations officer
  • Museum educator
  • Performer’s agent
  • Press secretary
  • Public affairs officer
  • Public relations consultant
  • Public relations officer
  • Publicist
  • Publicity agent

Key Responsibilities

  • Review characteristics of products and services to be promoted, and advise on the advertising needs of an establishment.
  • Counsel clients on advertising and sales promotion policies.
  • Develop and execute advertising drives suitable for the print and/or the electronic media.
  • Carry out research and organize communications material for internal and external audiences.
  • Develop, put into operation and evaluate communications strategies and programs designed to inform clients, employees and the general public of initiatives and policies of businesses, governments and other organizations.
  • Perform public opinion and attitude surveys to recognize the interests and concerns of key groups served by their association.
  • Prepare or supervise the preparation of reports, briefs, bibliographies, speeches, presentations, Web sites and press releases.
  • Develop and arrange workshops, meetings, formal procedures & additional occasions for publicity, fundraising and information purposes.
  • Get ready and deliver educational and publicity programs and informational materials to increase awareness of museums, galleries and other tourist attractions.
  • Initiate and maintain contact with the media.
  • Arrange interviews and news conferences.
  • Act as spokesperson for an organization and answer written and oral inquiries.
  • Co-ordinate special publicity events and promotions for internal and external audiences.
  • Give a hand in the preparation of brochures, reports, newsletters and other material.
  • Represent and act as an agent for talented individuals or individuals with specific occupational expertise.
  • Get ready or oversee preparation of sports, literary, performance or other contracts.
  • Literary agents specialize in representing specific types of authors and writers. Performance agents specialize in representing singers, musicians, actors or other performers. Sports agents focus on representing specific athletes or sports teams.

As mentioned earlier, in the Maple Leaf Country, the future of these professionals is bright and progressive. To make your career progressive all you have to do is to consult an immigration consultant and get your immigration application processed.

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