Protests by Detainees in Darwin!

Another recent event took place regarding illegal migrants in Australia. This time it was the immigration detention centre at Darwin. Here, many Indonesians are facing charges of smuggling people led to a riot. Many of the protestors jumped on to the roof of buildings at the centre which were demountable. The event took place in the morning.

In the process, it has been reported by the officials that property which catered to about ninety seven Indonesian men has been destroyed. Representatives from the Consulate of Indonesia in Darwin along with the negotiators had been trying to concert the men who were protesting urging them to leave the roof.

These men did not permit the security personnel to come climb on the roof as well. Apart from climbing on roofs, the men also brandished certain poles as well as setting ablaze a huge pile of trash and mattresses.

The main reason behind their protest has been legal treatment. As per the charges and allegations made on these people, those detained could be subjected to imprisonment for as along as twenty years. This is because there are specific jail terms which are mandatory for those found to be involved in human trafficking.

However, most of the alleged people are poor fishermen who have been subject to fraudulent people and criminal smugglers. These smugglers continue to reside in Indonesia where there are no laws pertaining to smuggling. At the same time, it has been said by the authorities in Canberra that cannot reveal any information regarding the incident.

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