Cut in Aussie Work Permits to UK!

With immigration cap being set in by the UK government for immigrants coming from the non-EU nations, another turn of events has taken place now. This time, it’s the cut on Aussies walking into Britain. This has come about after a release which stated new figures projecting an increase in the total immigration to UK.

Prior to elections, a promise was made by the Conservative Party a few months back there would be a cap on the total immigration and would be brought down to less than 100,000 in a single year. This would be done by lowering the total number of economic immigrants from nations such as Australia and so on which are not a part of the European Union.

However, the recent figures projected that the net immigration saw a rise when compared to last year. There was an increase from 163,000 to 196,000 which clearly shows that there would soon be a steep cut in immigration.

Already, the government of David Cameron has implemented an interim cut of 5% on the total number of skilled migrants who are being granted a visa. These include those people who are not the citizens of the European Union nations. At the same time, the employers are being consulted with regarding how to go about implementing long term cuts which would be executed next year.

The Australian firms which are functioning in London intend to join the British companies to participate in the process of consultation which would take place in the coming weeks. They believe that the British government should not make it tough for the foreign employees to come to Britain or to hire foreign skilled migrants.

The main reason behind this sudden rise in the number of immigrants has been the constant influx of foreign migrants to study where as less Britons were leaving the nation. This number dropped to 36,000 last year from 90,000 in 2008. So, the only way to bring about a balance is to cut down on net immigration. At the same time, being a member of the EU means that the EU citizens have to be permitted free access into the nation at all times. This leaves the nation with no choice but to cut down on the immigration from the non-EU nations.

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