New Measures for Immigration backlog!

The Obama government is taking steps to release thousands of undocumented migrants who have been put under detention. These illegal migrants include only those who have the capability to reach the path of being legal resident in the United States.

This measure would impact the lives of about 17,000 illegal immigrants. This decision has come about when the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) were concentrating on those illegal migrants who were involved in criminal activities. As per the authorities, it is important that the focus shifts in order to decrease the backlog which is currently predominant in the immigration courts. More so, those detained have been waiting for months and years together before a decision is taken regarding their case.

According to the Deputy Press Secretary for the Immigration Enforcement Agency, Richard Rocha, numerous resources are being put to use for the expulsion of these illegal migrants. Now the focus is completely on those illegal migrants who have indulged in criminal activities. He also mentioned that criminal charges cater to more than half of the removals. This decision has not gone down very nicely with the Republican lawmakers while the immigration advocates have favored the move.

On the other hand, the total number of immigrants who have been put under detention has almost doubled reaching 369,000 on an annual basis. As of now, about 248,000 cases are still waiting to be assessed in the immigration courts. This is as per the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse situated at the Syracuse University.

This rise has led to a huge problem pertaining to logistics as well as exposed consecutive administrations to allegations of keeping the illegal migrants under harsh conditions. However, the officials at the ICE say that this huge backlog tend to divert the officials from tracking down as well as finding these migrants and subjecting them to deportation, especially those who have indulged in criminal activities.

Above all, this can be considered as a move which is more humane in approach and if implemented rightly would definitely bring about a positive income.

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