Family Business Worker Stream: Nova Scotia Nominee Program!

The Family Business Worker stream of the NSNP allows employers to hire family members or close relatives as international skilled workers. For this, it is mandatory that the foreign workers are skilled. They should be eligible to fill the positions that the Nova Scotia employers are finding it difficult to cater with the local Canadians (permanent residents or Canadian citizens). To be eligible for this stream, applicants must have an assured, permanent employment offer from a Nova Scotia employer. This employer should either be a family member or he can also be related closely, running a successful business in the province of Nova Scotia.

An applicant should be a relative of the business owner. He/she can be the business owner’s children, siblings, niece or nephew, aunt or uncle or even grandchild.

In order to qualify and apply under this category, the applicants must:

  • Have lawful status in the country which he is residing.
  • Willing to migrate and settle down forever in Nova Scotia.
  • Have enough supports for the purpose of settlement.
  • Have a job offer which is permanent and full-time in nature from a Nova Scotia employer, which of course must belong to a family member or relative.
  • Be qualified with work experience, trained with skills which are transferable. He must have the relevant license or accreditation which is needed for the job.
  • Have the relevant academic background, language skills, work experience, appropriate age and so on for the particular stream.

It is noteworthy that priority is given to applicants where in it could be proved by the family employer that they could cater to more supports to provide for the former and the accompanying dependents with their settlement needs.

At the same time, with such a program in place, it would be easier for those planning to immigrate to have better options post immigration. This way, the immigrant would already have a job in prior which caters to his immediate needs. So, he would be financially secure to support self and family. Above all, it is always better to immigrate with known contacts abroad which would definitely make the process for settlement easier for the migrant and his family. For more information, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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