Adjusting the Status from a Travel Visa to Spouse Visa!

You are on a vacation to the United States. But life has completely changed for you on this journey where you have met that special someone. Now that you have decided to get married! But what happens if you get married in the United States on a travel visa? Many people don’t know that a foreign nation who is in the United States on a travel visa is permitted to get married on that status.

It is not impossible to get the status of the travel visa changed. Ideally, the applicant is permitted to marry a citizen of the United States but then would have to return to his/her native country before the visa expires. However, it has to be ensured that your purpose was not to visit the United States only to get married and reside over there.

In order to get the status, the spouse of the foreign origin has to prove that his/her intentions were to spend a holiday and then return to their home. Getting married and intending to stay in this nation was not preplanned. Thus, the US authorities have to be satisfied in this regard.

However, before taking the plunge, here are a few aspects that you must consider. There might be chances that you might be denied a visa or the adjustment of your status. In such a case, what would you do? Many a times people are denied a visa for various reasons which include the lack of relevant documentation, health issues, bans imposed, criminal record and so on. Incase you are not granted a visa, would your spouse who is a US citizen move with you to your native country. It is important to consider this fact before getting married.

Once you are given a permit, you would not be allowed to travel outside the United States for a while. This would not be possible till the foreign spouse receives an advance parole/Green Card. If left without any of these documents, the US authorities would not permit you to enter again. And so, the process has to be started from the beginning.

Life in the United States might turn out to be quite different from that of your native country. You need to be physically and mentally prepared to cope up with culture shock, lifestyle, and extreme climatic conditions and so on. This means that you would have to leave your old life, family and friends to live with your spouse in the United States. Would this be acceptable to you?

Above all, you must remember that the travel visa implies only a temporary stay in the United States. In case, you intend to get married and reside in the US, the fiancé and the spouse visas are the programs to be applied for.

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