Interim Visas for Foreign Migrants in New Zealand!

It is being planned by the New Zealand government to grant interim visas to all those foreigners who have been living in the nation on residential permits which have expired. This way they could continue to reside in the nation while they could submit new applications and are being considered in the meantime. As per the present rules, those immigrants living in the nation on either work permits or residential permits; these permits tend to expire automatically as soon as visa expires.

According to Jonathan Coleman, the Immigration Minister for New Zealand, this visa been brought about as a part of the New Immigration legislation. This would be implemented for the applicants to obtain from November in this year itself. He also said that a new program for sponsorship which would enable the various governmental departments as well as the organizations to sponsor foreign migrants under the rules of the Talent and Visitor policies. This would also cater to the needs of the sponsorship as well as those of the stakeholders.

This would be a huge alleviation for all the foreign migrants residing in the country of New Zealand. This is because this would enable them to work on a temporary basis after their visa has expired. In the process, a new application could be filed. This would make it much easier for these migrants.

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