What to do While Entering the US?

Many of us feel that just by receiving a stamp on the visa, we have the permission to enter the United States. But we are hugely mistaken. It is understood to reach such assumptions, but sooner such myths are cleared, the better it is. Just because one holds a visa which is a legal door of entry into the United States is not a good reason enough to take things for granted. The final decision to grant you a permission of entry is made by the Department of Homeland Security and the US Customs and Border Protection authorities.

Once you land in the United States, you would be a part of the US-VISIT entry-exit program. With this, some of the candidates might even have to register with the Special Registration program.

After you have been given a permit of entry by the officials from the Border Protection, the Arrival-Departure Record which is the Form I-94 is added to your passport. All the dates pertaining to your approved visits would be entered in this form. This form is the only legal document which proves that you are entering the country lawfully. So, it is very important to carry this document.

The date mentioned in the form I-94 as your last day as a legal alien should be taken very seriously. This is because if you bypass this date, you would be residing as an illegal in the United States. So, you must leave the nation before this date ends. Incase you are eligible to get your visa renewed or get your status adjusted, you can avail the option if you wish to reside in the United States. However, if you overstay the expiry date, you would be committing an offence and your visa would be nullified. As per the immigration laws of the United States, you would be violating them.

Before you set off, make sure that you have all the relevant and important documents which you would have to produce at the Border Protection to the officials post landing. The Border Protection authorities have all the right to inspect and verify your documents. They might even check your luggage and other belongings. Also, you might even be asked questions regarding your reasons for travel and the purpose for entering the United States.

If you are being inspected, there is no need for you to be nervous. You have to understand that the officials at the Border are doing their duty which is to secure their homeland. With this, they implement the laws that are brought out by the federal authorities. There are chances that they might scare but these people are mere professionals whose main purpose is to protect their borders. So, do not take it to heart. It is suggested that you be patient with the entire process and you would soon be cleared.

To know more, it is best that you contact an Immigration and Visa expert who can give you an insight into such process.

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