Punjabis Enter Europe in Undocumented Manner

According to news by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, thousands of undocumented Punjabis are making Europe as their homes in an illegal manner. According to the report, they are entering the premises in huge numbers every year. The stats say that almost 20,000 enter the European countries on an annual basis, without proper visas or documentations.

Some of them end up being in jails, some lose their money in lakhs, while some commit suicide as they fail to get the required jobs and settlement, courtesy their illegal status. The report clearly points out towards the direction that illegal migration not only creates havoc in the life of the applicant but destroys the surroundings of the prospective country to which they are migrating.

KC Saha, former consultant of UNODC brought out these facts in front of the media. The report says that it is easy to conduct illegal immigration from big cities as the people behind it can remain anonymous and carry on with their illegal activities.

The aspect of Illegal immigration is harmful for the government of all the countries as it enhances the instances of terrorist activities to a major extent.

Other countries like Austria, Germany, France, Spain, to name a few, face similar incidents of illegal immigration every year. Therefore, it becomes mandatory that government should come out with stringent security checks to stop this continued process.

The sad part is that many of them spend millions of Rupees for illegal immigration when they can take legal immigration by spending the around five million Indian rupees under the Canada Immigrant Investor Program

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