Obama on Immigration Reform

President Barack Obama recently affirmed that he holds his undertaking towards the Immigration laws and went on to say that his commitment towards the betterment of the Immigration system is dedicated and unchanged.

This Immigration reform will benefit the undocumented immigrants who are residing in U.S. along with those Indians who are suffering because of their undocumented connection. Obama confirmed that he will continue to provide support to the Senators (Senator Charles Schumer and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham) on the issue of Immigration reform. The Senators provided him with updates on bipartisan agreement to overhaul the immigration reform.

Although details of the update are not confirmed yet, Graham confirmed that the draft includes stringent border security, an attempt to prevent illegal immigrants from getting employment in the U.S.

The blueprint is also decked with a rational plan to deal with undocumented workers residing in the U.S., confirmed Graham. He said that Immigration reform does not mean quantity deportation of illegal people or putting them into jail, but a genuine system that would confirm equal rights for everyone.

Graham expressed his views that their effort towards Immigration reform would collapse if healthcare reconciliation takes place. He said that reconciliation would make it hard for Congress to collaborate for a critical topic like Immigration.

Obama also said that he is looking forward to the promising works by the two Senators, a work that holds the capacity to resolve the status of millions of undocumented applicants residing in the U.S

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