Thirteen Indians Arrested for Immigration Offences in the UK!

Recently, few Indians have been arrested in the United Kingdom for multiple immigration offences. The UK Immigration took the Indian citizens, including twelve men and a woman into custody, while they were caught during the seizure of a Heathrow-based freight warehouse and residences in Hayes and South hall. They all are alleged with working illegally in Britain.

While conducting some inspections on the freight as part of the seizure of the Scanwell Freight Services, the immigration officials went on to interview its staff, in order to determine whether they are legally allowed to work in the UK or not. Eight Indians were found guilty of immigration offences at the time. The officials warned the freight company that it could be required to pay fine of up to 90,000 pounds for employing the eight people.

Following the arrests in the warehouse, searches were conducted at some residences as well in Hayes and South hall, where the officials arrested five more Indians and a South African man, guilty of similar offences. Seven accused amongst the fourteen are now in immigration detention. The UK Immigration is considering deportation of these illegal workers from the UK.

The UK Immigration is taking illegal working of the overseas workers as a serious concern. Because, this type of activities is likely to have an adverse effect on the local communities, since the foreign workers often take away the jobs from the local workers who genuinely deserve the jobs!

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