Quebec Invites 365 Applications for Selection for Canada PR

Quebec Invites 365 Applications for Selection for Canada PR

On 24th September, the Quebec Immigration Ministry invited 365 foreign skilled workers – who had filed their Expressions of Interest in the government’s online application management system (Arrima) – to apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate. If the Selection is approved by the Ministry, they can apply for permanent residence to Canada’s federal government, as Quebec-selected skilled workers.

In this round, people who had a valid job offer from an employer in Quebec, and met the requirements laid out in the Quebec Immigration Regulation (Section 26) and the Quebec Immigration Act (Section 47) received invitations. The invited applicants must apply for selection within 60 days of receiving the invitation.

To immigrate to Quebec through the Regular Skilled Worker Program, candidates must score at least 50 points (or 59 points, if accompanied by their spouse/partner) based on the selection factors, and submit an Expression of Interest via Arrima. Those who meet the Ministry’s criteria are invited to apply for the Selection Certificate.

The applicant must appear for a values test and submit supporting documents. The application is typically processed within six months. Approved applicants receive a Selection Certificate, and can proceed to apply for Canada permanent residence. To find out more about eligibility requirements, pursue the application procedure without errors or unnecessary delays, or explore accessible immigration options, seek the assistance of seasoned immigration consultants at Abhinav!

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