Canadian Sponsors under Family Class Immigration

Canadian Sponsors under Family Class Immigration given financial ease in 2020

Canada has introduced a temporary public policy where family-class immigration applicants are allowed to sponsor their loved ones for Canada Immigration, even if they have lost their job due to the pandemic. This leniency means that the Canadians who sponsoring their family members from abroad are not required to meet the minimum requirement of making 30% more than the necessary income, which was the case earlier. The policy changes have come into effect from October 2nd for applicants applying under Parents and Grandparents (PGP) Program.

In addition to the aforementioned relaxation, sponsors are now able to count regular Employment Insurance benefits in their income calculations for this year, as opposed to just EI benefits. These changes are not applicable for the sponsors in Quebec since the province has its independent Quebec immigration program. Also, these changes are made for the sponsors who are sponsoring in 2020 owning to the financial difficulties due to pandemic. For the rest of the years, the conditions remain as earlier.

Canada has been a very thoughtful and considerate country towards its immigrants. Understanding the value of relations and the financial challenges that the pandemic has caused, Canada has come up with these changes under the Canada immigration norms to allow families to unite without bearing the financial burden. The eligible candidates i.e. Canada PR Visa holder or Canadian citizen can invite spouses and common law partners, dependent children, minor siblings, nieces and nephews, and grand children whose parents are deceased and relatives of the sponsor, regardless of age, if the sponsor does not have any close family relatives who are Canadian.

IRCC has adopted fair means of selection where every sponsor will be given equal opportunity. The potential sponsors will be randomly selected and they will be invited to submit the application. The sponsors will be given 60 days to submit the application.

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