Canada begins from where it left with Film and TV Production

Canada begins from where it left with Film and TV Production

Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, the film and TV industry of Canada is gradually commencing production activities invariably alluring film and TV production peeps through Canada Immigration norms forming a pathway to Canada PR Visa. British Columbia, which is the main location for film and television shooting in Canada, has been hosting productions since June. After production came to a halt during the pandemic, the situation is now rapidly improving – with Surrey, a BC city that was on track to issue a record number of film permits in 2020, having 40-50 productions already underway.

U.S. studios are either returning or relocating their productions to Canada. Since June 2020, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec have also allowed film and television productions to resume. Toronto city alone has issued almost 400 film permits. Quebec has provided a stimulus package of $400 million to its arts and culture sector and a $51 million package for Canadian TV and film companies facing insurance troubles due to the pandemic which is even a great boost for immigrants of the said field seeking for Quebec Immigration.

Canadian provinces and territories have been instrumental in reviving TV and film production activities. On 25th September, the federal government announced the Short-Term Compensation Fund, which will direct $50 million towards Canada’s audiovisual production sector, to temporarily address interruptions in production and the lack of insurance coverage due to the pandemic.

Typically, July and August are Canada’s busiest filming months. This year, the delay may result in this period being extended to fall and winter. A vast amount of the activity in Canada’s multi-million dollar film industry is attributed to foreign productions. The production industries in Quebec and Ontario were set to break the direct spending record before the pandemic hit.

Strict safety measures and precautions are being followed for migrating to Canada as production restarts. Foreign actors and film/TV professionals can enter Canada – through a Significant Benefit Work Permit (for crew, actors, and other workers) or as business investors (for producers) – and start production activities after a 14-day mandatory quarantine period. Some common occupation profiles that may want to explore this pathway include:

Directors, producers, choreographers and related occupations (NOC 5131)

Actors and comedians (NOC 5135)

Video and film camera operators (NOC 5222)

Video and audio recording technicians (NOC 5225)

Other coordinating and technical occupations in the performing arts, motion pictures, and broadcasting (NOC 5226)

Support occupations in the performing arts, motion pictures, broadcasting, and photography (NOC 5227)

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