6 Most Common Reasons for Moving to Canada

6 Most Common Reasons for Moving to Canada

Living in Canada is a coveted goal for people across the world – and for good reason. Canada is among the most developed, liberal and welcoming countries offering several accessible pathways for immigration. Some of the most popular reasons for moving to Canada include the standard of living, social security benefits, job opportunities and ideal conditions for doing business.

Lucrative Opportunities: There are around 104 different immigration programs for skilled and semi-skilled workers, as well as self-employed people, entrepreneurs, experienced business owners and investors. Foreign nationals can financially establish themselves in Canada within a relatively short period of time by accessing high-paying jobs, or pursuing business and investment activities.

Quality of Life: Canada’s free public healthcare, subsidized education, unemployment and retirement benefits, safe working conditions and low crime rates offer a sense of security to immigrants – who may lack some or all of these guarantees in their country of origin.

Liberal Immigration Policy: The Canada immigration system selects candidates fairly, strictly based on their merit. Canada’s immigrant intake is consistent and regular, since immigrants fuel economic development in the country. From 2019-22, one million new immigrants are expected to enter Canada. This is highly liberal compared to the stringent policies of countries like UK and USA.

Political Stability: The socio-economic stability provided by a healthy democracy like Canada – which is also one of the least corrupt and most compassionate welfare states in the world – is a major appeal for people from countries that are not as developed.

Work-Life Balance: Canada has a relatively slower pace of life compared to the USA. Jobs in Canada have more balanced working hours, which offers more scope for dedicating time towards family or personal development.

Immigrant-Friendliness: According to the recent Gallup survey, Canadians are the most immigrant-friendly people in the world. Canada scored 8.46 out of 9 points awarded for immigrant acceptability – the highest among 145 countries surveyed.

The value of immigrants in Canada has never been highlighted more clearly than in the current scenario. Unlike many other countries, Canada has extended several benefits to temporary and permanent residents, and continued to accept and process visa applications throughout the pandemic.

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