Quebec Roll Backed Certain Quebec Experience Program Changes

Recently, the Quebec Immigration provincial government rollbacked some of the controversial changes done to the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) after a colossal criticism and opposition from affected candidates and lawyers in the province. For those who are already residing in Quebec will not be subject to the changes which implemented on November 1, 2019.

What is Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)?

The Quebec Experience Program is a fast track Canada immigration pathway for foreign skilled professionals working in Quebec and international Students who are studying or have studied in Quebec. Students must have full-time course degree or diploma from a recognized institution and skilled workers must hold employment under the demand list of PEQ with 12 months of experience.

What was the controversial decision?

Quebec Experience Program was introduced in 2010 that gave the provision for foreign skilled workers and international students in the province to apply for Canada Permanent Residence Visa. Selected applicants receive a Quebec selection certificate that leads to become a Canada permanent resident in the province.

But the ruling party of the province CAQ suspended the program earlier this year, stating it was a victim of its own success. Recently, the province disavowed about 300 fields of study from the list. The new rules also saw a limited list of specific ‘in-demand jobs’ for the temporary foreign worker stream of the PEQ. These changes by the ruling party had abandoned thousands of eligible candidates hoping to settle in Quebec.

Currently, what is the roll backed decision?

As a result of massive public outcry and opposition, Quebec PNP government announced that international students will be allowed who already are in the province under a popular immigration program to complete it. Furthermore, temporary foreign workers with relevant work experience in Quebec can now apply under the PEQ pathway as before.

The rollback was an immediate result of Students and workers joining all three Quebec opposition parties in demanding the changes to backtrack earlier this week.

What is the Quebec’s 2020 Immigration Levels Plan?

Quebec’s 2020 Immigration Levels Plan

Particulars 2019 2020
Min. Max. Min. Max.
Economic 21,700 24,300 25,500 26,300
Family 8,900 9,400 9,900 10,200
Refugee 6,800 7,500 7,200 7,500
Others 600 800 400 500
Total 38,000 42,000 43,000 44,500

What are the eligibility requirements for Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)?

Under the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ), there are two streams – Québec Experience Program for Students and Québec Experience Program for Temporary Workers.

Québec Experience Program for Students:

• Must hold a valid full-time course under any of the study program – Bachelor’s or master’s Degree, Doctorate (Ph.D.), Diploma of College Studies – Technical, Vocational Diploma
• Your qualifications must be included in the “Areas of Training List” for the PEQ: Quebec Graduates
• Must complete minimum 900 hours of full-time study, and if your qualification shows more than 1,800 hours of study, you must have lived in Quebec for at least half the duration of the program.
• For programs of 900 hours to 1,800 hours, candidates must demonstrate 6 months of full-time work experience in Quebec after their study program and in their respective area of training.

Québec Experience Program for Temporary Workers

• Must hold an employment on the occupation under the demand list for PEQ: workers component.
• Have held the employment for:
* Minimum 12 months in last 24 months, if the employment is in NOC – 0, A or B.
* Minimum 18 months in last 24 months, if the employment is in NOC C or D.
• For licensed mandatory professions, you must suffice the employment requirements mentioned in the NOC and all the precise conditions in the job offer.

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