How to Pocket Maximum Australia Skilled Migration Points?

Australia as it’s too well known runs an amazing points-based immigration system, called Australia Skilled Migration Points system, or SkillSelect, to pick-up the finest and the most talented skilled economic migrants, to fuel the national economy.

Under the popular system earlier known as the General Skilled Migration (GSM) system you have to score not less than 65 points, to become eligible for Australia Immigration, as an economic candidate.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) give these points on the basis of age, education, language skills, work experience in Oz, work experience abroad, partner skills, etc.

Now the question that surfaces is: How to Get Pocket Australia Skilled Migration Points?

Let’s cover some important factors where there’s some scope to grab some additional points and take your tally to the maximum!

Language skills: 20 points are available. Here, you have a good scope to ‘go full steam’. While the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) offers 0 points for competent skills, it gives 10 for proficient skills, but 20 for superior skills. For this, you have to score 8 or more in all the four components of IELTS. It means, if you enroll for a language course, and brush-up your skills bringing it to superior level, you can go ‘for the kill’.

Study in Australia: The DHA gives 5 additional points to those who have studied in the Kangaroo Land, with the motive being to inspire candidates to study in the nation. Since these 5 points are over and above the points you would get for your highest education qualification, it will be a good idea if you register for a course in the country on Study Visa in advance, and get Australian qualifications. Your study doesn’t have to be associated with your nominated profession.

Regional Study: Here, there’s a good scope to pocket yet another 5 extra points. The Australian Government wants to encourage outsiders to pursue studies in regional areas. And so in case you both reside and pursue studies in a regional area, for not less than 2 years, you will get an additional 5 points.

Nomination from Australian State or Territory: You will get 5 valuable points for this which will be added to the overall immigration score. To gain from this, apply for a Nominated Visa (Subclass 190).

Partner Skills: Here also you have a good chance to improve your tally. You will get 5 more useful Skilled Migration Points for Australia, if you have included your partner in your application. These points will be given for your partner’s skill qualifications. You will though obtain these points only in case your partner is below 45 years, has Competent English, and has her skills been evaluated by an applicable authority, for the profession listed on the relevant Occupation List for Australia.

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