How Chartered Accountants can apply for Australia PR Visa?

Are you good with numbers? Do you want to live in Australia as Chartered Accountant? Well, great news – This is the high time to apply Australia PR Visa as there is huge demand to for Chartered Accountants in Australia. Considering the immigration norms in Australia, the Chartered Accountant occupation is the fast filling due to the high competition for moving to Australia under this occupation. Reason behind the competition is, there is an uncertainty of how long the Accountant occupation Code will prevail in the Skilled Occupations List. And, if you are looking to migrate to Australia as Chartered Accountant, then it is highly advisable to start your Australia PR Process immediately before the time runs out.

What are the benefits for Chartered Accountant to apply for Australian PR from India?

Australia PR benefits are considered one of the best among the developed nations that cares about their residents to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. BBC once quoted Australia as the “lifestyle superpower” of the globe. Let’s find out what are the benefits you get under the Australia PR Visa:

  • As per the global standings, Chartered Accounts are highly respected around the world and Australia is no different. The country has abundant opportunities for the multitude of Indian CAs in terms of financial security, quality of life, low cost of living and several social benefits.
  • Considering the high demand of Accountants in Australia, if you bring 3 or above years of experience of India then you can positively earn from AUD 60,000 to AUD 80,000 (approx.) at the initial stage of your career in Australia.
  • One of the best advantages of attaining the Permanent Residency Australia visa, you will be entitled for all the social benefits under the Australia Govt policy such as Medicare, education facilities, unemployment benefits, etc.
  • Australian economy is considered as the well-developed economies by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) with the key focus on sustainable growth and economic freedom.
  • The community is quite open and welcoming upholding the notion of multiculturalism consenting the immigrants to settle in their country peacefully.

What are the steps and procedures to apply for Australia PR Visa as Chartered Accountant?

Australia PR Program is one of the coveted pathways in the world equally for the skilled professionals and businessmen. Since the demand is high for Chartered Accountants in Australia, you need to follow the below step-by-step procedure to pave your way for Australia immigration:

  • Primarily you must appear for the English Language Proficiency Exam (IELTS, PTE or TOEFL). You must score relevant points to start the procedure for Australia Migration.
  • Next step is to apply for skill assessment for your chosen occupation [Accountant (General) – ANZSCO 221111].
  • Your skill assessment will be done by the assessment body of Australia (CPA Australia or ICAA). The positive assessment will determine the eligibility to apply for the Australia immigration.
  • After getting positive assessment, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) with the Australian Immigration Authority under Skill Select account.
  • Your Expression of Interest (EOI) application consists of numerous details pertaining to your educational qualification and work experience.
  • Upon meeting points criteria, if your EOI application is accepted then receive the invite to submit your final application for Permanent Residency Australia
  • The final application must be submitted within 60 days upon the receipt of the invitation.
  • Complete your Medical test and Police Clearance Certificate. While you can wait for the authorities to ask for these two documents, it is advisable to upload it when you submit your application.
  • Arrange all the documents and submit any additional information requested by the Immigration authority.
  • The complete Australia PR Process may take up to 12 to 18 months to receive your Australia PR Visa

How studying in Australia can lead you for Australia immigration as Chartered Accountant:

  • If you are determined to pursue your Accountant education in Australia, then you will have the golden opportunity to start your Australia PR application after attaining academic degree in Australia. Below are the points to be considered:
  • Australia Study fees may fall under AUD 20,000 – AUD 50,000 p.a. considering the course of study and institution.
  • It is advisable to gain relevant work experience (articleship is not considered as work experience).
  • With the relevant experience and Australian education, the strength of your profile will be greatly enhanced under the Australia Immigration points system. Your immigration points will be evaluated on the basis of certain parameters such as age, English language proficiency, educational qualification, work experience, etc. Higher the score, maximum is your chance to be the Australian permanent resident.

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