Apply for Australia Citizenship: What You Need For the Purpose?

Apply for Australian Citizenship! This will be, perhaps, the best decision of your life.

Yes, to become a citizen of the Kangaroo Land isn’t easy, but it’s a matter of pride, isn’t it, and, of course, a cause of numerous blessings?

Why and how?

Well, with citizenship you get many benefits and rights.

For example,

  1. You become entitled to apply for any job, and this includes those from the defence and federal services.
  2. You also become entitled to get the Australian Passport that makes you an Australian in the ‘true’ sense. With this powerful passport you can move to (hold your breath!) 165-plus nations of the world, without a visa or with a visa on arrival.

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Citizenship Paths

Usually, you can get citizenship automatically (“by operation of law”) via birth in the Kangaroo Land, or via Australian descent, or via application post a period of residence in the hotspot. The procedure of getting citizenship by application is called naturalisation.

Australia Citizenship Eligibility

Let’s figure out what these are so that we can fulfill them and become eligible to Apply for Australia Citizenship!

  1. You must have been a permanent resident in the country for not less than 1 year, and resided in the nation for not less than 9 out of 12 months prior to you apply.
  2. You must have been a lawful resident in the country for a minimum of 4 years immediately prior to you apply.
  3. You mustn’t have been away from the hotspot for over 1 year during the preceding 4 years prior to you apply.
  4. You must have a good moral character.
  5. You must be ready to live, or to continue to reside, in Down Under or to maintain a close and lifelong association with the country.

Citizenship Test

In case you fulfill these general eligibility requirements, you will have to clear a test before you apply. If you are below 18 or 60+, or suffering from a considerable impairment or loss of hearing, speech or sight, you will be exempted.

The citizenship test is tailored to assist the would-be citizens acquire an understanding of the nation’s values, ways of life, history, and national symbols.

It’s a vital part of guaranteeing that you have the capacity to fully participate in the national society as a citizen, and take make the most of the opportunities accessible to you in the country.

Test Requirements

With a view to face the test it’s mandatory that, among others, you:

  1. Are a permanent resident in the country.
  2. Fulfill the immigration organization of your identity through the process of registering for the test.
  3. Permit the immigration organization to take a photograph of you or proffer one yourself.

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